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Oblique is a new Italian dress line that is to die for!
The blues of the season are all getting along so well.  I think Debbie is pleased.

Mix It Up!

Colors and companies all thrown together: Miraclebody Jeans, Maillot knit jacket, Klok tee and Peter Kaiser shoes.

Cool Combos!

Black and white, linen and cotton, prints and solids, Debbie and Jeanne.  

Fun Fashion

Stylish drama with this Lafayette 148 linen duster.
Her Maillot knit jacket is sensational!
Looking good!
Very cool Lafayette jacket goes right over this easy cotton Klok dress.
Blanque spiffy shirt goes right over light weight denim capri jeans by Miraclebody.

It's Oblique!

New Italian dress line is a new favorite.
Dreamy comfortable pants from Eileen Fisher and great Klok jacket on top.

It's All Here!

Beautiful belts, stunning handbags, chic shoes and we haven't even started on the clothes!
In our new Blaest rain wear. 
Spring is just around the corner or it better be because we are so excited about the stunning collections that keep showing up.
Loads of great winter and fall goodies at prices that just get better and better, for you that is!
As always, Eileen brings in a new season with an irresistible collection.
Maybe everyone's personal favorite, these quadruple milled soaps and assorted lotions are perfection.
Spring brings a flourish of bright and happy colors, but neutrals have a place in the season's collection and can be exciting in their own right. With some of the latest arrivals here at Forecast, Debbie and Amalia show the merits of each, playing them up or toning them down. Take your pick, we have plenty of both! See more at
Don't let a 'closet quandary' put a damper on your exciting summer travel plans. All you need for your trip are an assortment of comfortable clothes that mix 'n match beautifully giving you a variety of outfits for wherever you are - on the plane, in the museum, strolling on the beach, or at a chic cafe.