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From Debbie and Amalia

The year is 1978. I open Forecast with a vision of selling quality, tasteful (whatever that means) merchandise in a welcoming environment. I think I will stay small with very little staff. Then Amalia bounces on to the scene 28 years ago, young, smart, full of style. And so we grow. 40 years later with our A-team of Adele, Jeanne, Ann and Christine solidly in place, we succeed beyond anything I could have imagined.

Each day we unlock the door and in you come. We dress you for special occasions; we dress you for weight changes; we dress you for everyday life. And through it all our connections deepen. We are not merely covering bodies, we are packaging remarkable women.

These beautiful relationships we share we will miss deeply but the memories endure.

Thank you. Thank you.
-Debbie Danielson

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