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This Connecticut-raised, former Peace Corps volunteer has two sons with husband number one since 1970. Across the miles, Debbie is still incredibly close to her identical twin sister, who lives in Minneapolis.


A native of Washington, this wife and mother of two, trained as a nurse before committing to care for customers at Forecast.


This turbo-charged young woman can organize a wardrobe for you any day.


The accent is the real deal. Raised in Paris, France, Christine has devoted her life to retail. Her good taste combines with a kindness that is sure to please.


This midwestern ball of fire spent the first half of her career in the Financial District of New York City, traveled the world with her Washington, DC, job, and, thankfully, landed at Forecast.


This Missouri native, who single-handedly raised two kids in Arizona and Nevada, traveled the world for big business and, as former Forecast customer, learned how to dress beautifully for anything!